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Investment Management & Advice

Why Work With Financial Steward Associates

To Manage Your Investment Accounts?

Our passion and dedication lies in offering well-suited opportunities based on your personal goals. As such, we offer investment management in order to provide you with a diverse array of options that best suit you. To maintain our high level of personalization, we have established a portfolio minimum of $500,000. Through a philosophy of passion and a commitment to our clients, we look forward to working with you.

Wealth Management Services Include:

Recommendations of a specific plan to address your investment goals and risk tolerance.

Ongoing supervision of your account(s) to keep the investments on track.

Evaluation and recommendations for change when necessary.

Periodic reports on the status and performance of your account(s).

Cost Breakdown (Tiered)

Costs are applied to each managed account as follows:

Account Value

Annual Cost

First $500,000
Next $500,000
Amounts over $1,000,000

This is a blended fee schedule. This means that fees are assessed at each tier, then added together for a single investment management fee.

For clients with over $3,000,000 with our firm, a separate cost schedule may apply.

The fees associated with investment management services are billed quarterly and may be deducted from your account or paid separately. 

Are You Looking for a Partner to Support You in Managing & Preserving Your Wealth?

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